Focus of work

The project “Strengthening the national capacities for the fight against organised crime and corruption” is funded by the European Union through the Instrument for Pre-accession Assistance (IPA) – TAIB 2012.The main goal and purpose of the project

The main goal and purpose of the project is to foster the technical capacities and increase the operational efficiency of the law enforcement agencies for the suppression of serious and organized crime and corruption, including cyber-crime, money laundering, financial and economic crime. Simultaneously, the project will promote enhanced inter-institutional cooperation for both prevention and repression of organised crime and corruption, inter-alia establishing a stronger and effective mechanism for asset tracing, recovery and confiscation. In a wider context, the project will support the Beneficiary country in ensuring rule of law, decreasing the level of organised crime and corruption, and meeting the EU standards in these areas.Key beneficiaries of the project are the

Key beneficiaries of the project are the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Justice. Other institutions that are partners in implementation of project’s activities and are considered key stakeholders are:

  • General Public Prosecution Office of RM
  • Basic Public Prosecution Office for Suppression of Organized Crime and Corruption
  • State Commission for Prevention of Corruption
  • Public Revenue Office
  • Financial Police – Ministry of Finance
  • Financial Intelligence Unit
  • Customs Administration
  • Agency for Management of Seized Property
  • Academy for Judges and Public Prosecutors

The project activities are structured around two main components:

COMPONENT 1: Prevention and repression of corruption, including improved inter-institutional cooperation

COMPONENT 2: Further strengthening of capacities for the fight of organised and serious crime

To successfully fight corruption and organized crime, all relevant institutions need to work together and cooperate in investigating, processing and prosecuting crimes. This project is working on establishing and strengthening these inter-institutional mechanisms. More specifically the project team will work on:

  • Developing and establishing anti-corruption mechanisms and standards for prevention and fighting corruption, with particular focus on high-level cases of typical corruption;
  • Contributing to the improvement of the inter-institutional cooperation and coordination in prevention and repression of corruption;
  • Enhancing national capacities for the successful fight against priority forms of serious and organised crime through trainings, gap analyses, recommendations and development of methodologies;
  • Contributing to the improvement of cooperation among relevant institutions in the field of cybersecurity and cybercrime, and financial crime investigations;
  • Developing a Cybercrime Strategy for the Ministry of Interior
  • Increasing the operational capacities for seizure and confiscation of assets deriving from organized crime and corruption.

Furthermore, the project team in partnership with the key stakeholders, will aim to contribute to wider public awareness raising about the negative impacts of corruption and organized crime on society’s wellbeing and overall economic development of the country.

Duration of the project: 1 December 2016 – 31 August 2018

The “Strengthening the national capacities for the fight against organised crime and corruption” project is implemented by Business & Strategies (B&S) Europe Consortium.